Reliable cards for your dash cam and home security

Article featured image - Reliable cards for your dash cam and home security

Reliable cards for your dash cam and home security

When recording footage in a dash cam or home security system, you cannot accept recording errors or dropped frames. You will likely be recording for long periods and sometimes in challenging conditions. This is why a rugged and reliable memory card is critical, which has led Integral to develop the new Dash Cam and Security Camera Card.

Both formats, SDHC/XC and microSDHC/XC feature MLC flash for high endurance, ensuring stable read/write for extended shooting. High speeds of up to 95 MB/s read and 60 MB/s write allow the card to record fluidly in cutting edge 4K and Full HD dash and security cameras while a ruggedized, industrial grade controller provides extra durability in demanding conditions. A wide temperature range keeps the card operating in extreme environments from -30 deg C to 80 deg C.

The high read and write speeds of the Dash Cam and Security Camera Card also make it great for recording 4K and Full HD video in drones, smartphones & tablets, DSLR cameras and camcorders.

To view the full spec of these rugged new cards, click here to view the SDHC/XC range and here to view the microSDHC/XC range.


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