Crypto grouped

256 Bits AES hardware Encrypted SSD's


Encrypt and protect your sensitive data and get the speed,
reliability and power benefits of SSD.

Hard Drive security is a challenge facing all IT departments and government bodies. Integral produce a range of AES 256-bit hardware encrypted SSDs that provide an easy to use, cost effective and highly secure solution designed to work with your end-point security.

If a PC/laptop/ultrabook/tablet protected with an Integral Crypto SSD is lost or stolen, sensitive data is securely encrypted and cannot be accessed without the high-strength password. This includes the operating system as well as all other files that are stored on the drive. An unauthorised user WILL NOT be able to boot the system or access any data by transferring the Crypto SSD to another system or by cloning the drive.

Our Crypto range is FIPS 140-2 validated and all models are zero footprint, so no software installation is required. All files on the drive are automatically encrypted and are protected by a mandatory high-strength password. All Crypto products will securely destroy data safely if the set password attempts are exceeded, protecting your data if lost or stolen. The Crypto SSD is the no-fuss and highly-secure solid state encryption solution for indusries where data security is critical, such as military and police force.

Hardware encryption in 3 easy steps


Install the Crypto SSD in your host device. A Windows operating system is required. This can be cloned from an existing drive or image (with OS and data)


Run the ‘SSDLock’ program once (supplied on a USB) to set the encryption and specify usernames and passwords. Power down.


Your system is now protected with Full Disk Encryption (FDE). On every boot up, a valid username and password is required to access the system.

Please contact us to discuss purchasing and general enquiries regarding our encrypted product range.