KLEVV CRAS V 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 Gaming RAM 6400MT/s CL32 Memory Module Kit

KLEVV CRAS V 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 Gaming RAM 6400MT/s CL32 Memory Module Kit


6400MT/s – Capacity 32GB – Kit 2 x 16GB – Technology DDR5

  • RAM TypeDDR5
  • Memory Speed6400MT/s
  • Capacity32 GB (2 X 16 GB)
  • Buffer TypeUnbuffered
  • ECCNo
  • Voltage1.35V
  • Timing32-38-38-78
  • Dimensions133.3(L) x 8(D) x 44(H) mm
  • Speed RatingPC5-51200
  • Part NumberKD5AGUA80-64A320G
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The KLEVV CRAS V RGB is the next generation of DDR5 Gaming RAM designed for AAA games offering unparalleled performance, speed, flexibility and RGB colour support customisation. Engineered for ground-breaking performance and extreme overclocking the CRAS V RGB DDR Memory Modules can reach speeds of up to 8000 MT/s, KLEVV’s fastest card yet! Made from premium materials including high-quality, refined aluminium for the heatsink to ensure effective and efficient thermal conductivity. The compact size and design mean installation is hassle-free, with a height of just 44mm, the CRAS V RGB offers low clearance to maximize your freedom in selecting ideal configuration.

  • Unprecedented Speed - Breakthrough performance with our fastest ever RAM delivering speeds of up to 8000MT/s.
  • Exquisite Heatsink Design - Distinctive tone-on-tone colour design with elegant side lighting effect and compact, low clearance design of 44mm high.
  • Splendid RGB Lighting - Create your own colour combination seamlessly with a full range of RGB light support for numerous lighting combination and immersive lighting.
  • Superior Aluminium Heatsink - Utilising premium quality, refined aluminium to always ensure extraordinary cooling.
  • Built-in PMIC for Improved Power Management - Featured with on-board PMIC for enhanced power supply stability as well as efficiency.
  • On-die ECC for Efficient Error Correction - Long-term reliability through ODECC technology.
  • Intel® XMP 3.0 & AMD EXPO™ Ready - Support Intel® XMP 3.0 & AMD EXPO™ one-click overclocking to unlock blazing-fast performance in no time.

*Speed (MT/s) – MT/s measures the actual data transfer rate (speed) of DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM. MT/s stands for megatransfers (million transfers) per second and represents how much data is transferred during each clock cycle. DDR SDRAM memory modules transfer data on both the rising and falling edge of every clock cycle (1Hz) and is effectively double the Clock Rate (MHz).


KLEVV CRAS V – 32GB (2X16GB) DDR5 – 6400 (PC5-51200)

Data Rate: 6400MT/s 

Clock Rate: 3200MHz


*Learn more about the difference between Mega transfers per second (MT/s) and Megahertz (MHz) with our go-to-guide.

KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 Gaming/ OC Memory RAM Banner
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 Memory Module Banner with Unprecedented Speed up to 8000MT/s
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 RAM Breakdown diagram Combining all advantages and components
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 RAM with High-efficient refined Aluminium Heatsink Memory Module
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 RAM Low Clearance and High Flexibility of 44mm, Customise your PC Build
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 Memory Module with Full Range RGB Colour Support
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 RAM One-Click Memory Overclocking with Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO Support
KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5 RAM designed for AAA Games