KLEVV BOLT X 32GB kit (16GB x2) 3600 MT/s Gaming Memory DDR4-RAM XMP 2.0 Non-RGB High Performance Overclocking

KLEVV BOLT X 32GB kit (16GB x2) 3600 MT/s Gaming Memory DDR4-RAM XMP 2.0 Non-RGB High Performance Overclocking


3600MT/s – Capacity 32GB – Kit 2 x 16GB – Technology DDR4

  • RAM typeDDR4
  • Memory speed3600 MT/s
  • Capacity32 GB (2 X 16 GB)
  • Buffer typeUnbuffered
  • ECCNo
  • PartnumberKD4AGUA80-36A180U
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KLEVV BOLT X is lighting fast gaming memory designed for the demands of modern PC gaming with advanced performance and easy overclocking.

  • XMP 2.0 One Click Easy Overclocking lets you safely and easily push your system performance further
  • A slim and lightweight design made for gamers who prioritise excellent quality and performance.
  • 32GB of 3200MHz DDR4 RAM will meet the demands of even the most memory intenstive games.
  • QVL approved and fully compatible with motherboards from major manufacturers and the the latest Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs.
Adhering to KLEVV’s low-profile yet powerful BOLT series, the BOLT X DDR4 gaming RAM module further brings system performance to the next level. Applying strictly selected memory chips made with advanced semiconductor technology and a strict screening procedure to deliver enhanced performance. In pursuit of minimalism and simplicity, the BOLT X memory is extremely slim and lightweight. What’s more, by applying specially designed heat spreader made with 99.5% aluminium, BOLT X is extraordinary in heat conductivity and durability. Focusing on ecosystem compatibility, BOLT X has been tested with the latest Intel chipset/ platform. With its XMP 2.0-ready feature, BOLT X is also perfect for gamers to experience the amazing speed by one-click overclocking. Integral Memory is the official distributor of KLEVV gaming RAM modules in the United Kingdom.

*Speed (MT/s) – MT/s measures the actual data transfer rate (speed) of DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM. MT/s stands for megatransfers (million transfers) per second and represents how much data is transferred during each clock cycle. DDR SDRAM memory modules transfer data on both the rising and falling edge of every clock cycle (1Hz) and is effectively double the Clock Rate (MHz).


KLEVV BOLT X – 32GB (2X16GB) DDR4 – 3600

Data Rate: 3600MT/s 

Clock Rate: 1800MHz


*Learn more about the difference between Mega transfers per second (MT/s) and Megahertz (MHz) with our go-to-guide.