What happens if I forget my password for my Integral AES hardware encrypted USB or Crypto?

After 6 failed password attempts, all data will be erased and the Integral AES 256bit encrypted Flash Drive will be reset to factory settings.

The USB Flash Drive is then reusable. Due to the nature of the USB it is not possible to recover the passwords and it is highly recommended to set a password hint when setting up the encrypted USB. Think about keeping a secure copy of your password.

We DO NOT have any “back-door” tools to recover data.

You should always have a secure backup of your data.

With the CRYPTO DUAL version a Master and User password can be set. If the User forgets their password they are warned of the fifth attempt to go to the Master who can unlock the drive with the Master Password if set. Please click here to see the range. On the sixth attempt the drive is erased.