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Samsung Solid State Drives (SSD)

Experience world-leading SSDs developed with proven excellency and constant innovation. Samsung's comprehensive SSD portfolio offers large capacities, high performance, and power efficiency in small form factors.

Where possible we have linked the Samsung SSD part number to the technical datasheet.

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Client and Enterprise SSD Range Name Samsung Part Number
SM961 M.2 PCIe NVMe MLC MZVPV256HEGL-0000 (256GB)
MZVKW512HMJP-0000 (512GB)
PM981 M.2 PCIe NVMe TLC MZVLB256HAHQ-0000 (256GB)
MZVLB512HAJQ-0000 (512GB)
MZVLB2T0HMLB-00000 (2TB)
PM863a 2.5 INCH SATA TLC MZ7LM240HMHQ-00005 (256GB)
MZ7LM480HMHQ-00005 (480GB)
MZ7LM960HMJP-00005 (960GB)
MZ7LM1T9HMJP-00005 (1,920GB)
MZ7LM3T8HMLP-00005 (3,840GB)
PM883 2.5 INCH SATA TLC MZ7LH240HAHQ-00005 (240GB)
MZ7LH480HAHQ-00005 (480GB)
MZ7LH960HAJR-00005 (960GB)
MZ7LH1T9HMLT-00005 (1,920GB)
MZ7LH3T8HMLT-00005 (3,840GB)
MZ7LH7T6HMLA-00005 (7,680GB)
SM863a 2.5 INCH SATA MLC MZ7KM240HMHQ-00005 (240GB)
MZ7KM480HMHQ-00005 (480GB)
MZ7KM960HMJP-00005 (960GB)
MZ7KM1T9HMJP-00005 (1,920GB)
SM883 2.5 INCH SATA MLC MZ7KH240HAHQ-00005 (240GB)
MZ7KH480HAHQ-00005 (480GB)
MZ7KH960HAJR-00005 (950GB)
MZ7KH1T9HAJR-00005 (1,920GB)
MZ7KH3T8HALS-00005 (3,840GB)
PM963 2.5 INCH PCIe NVMe TLC MZQLW960HMJP-00003 (960GB)
MZQLW1T9HMJP-00003 (1,920GB)
MZQLW3T8HMLP-0000 (3,840GB)
PM983 2.5 INCH PCIe NVMe TLC MZQLB960HAJR-00007 (960GB)
MZQLB1T9HAJR-00007 (1,920GB)
MZQLB3T8HALS-00007 (3,840GB)
MZQLB7T6HMLA-00007 (7,680GB)
PM983 M.2 INCH PCIe NVME TLC MZ1LB960HAJQ-00007 (960GB)
MZ1LB1T9HALS-00007 (1,920GB)
MZ1LB3T8HMLA-00007 (3,840GB)
PM1725a 2.5 INCH PCIe NVMe TLC MZWLL800HEHP-00003 (800GB)
MZWLL1T6HEHP-00003 (1,600GB)
MZWLL3T2HMJP-00003 (3,200GB)
MZWLL6T4HMLS-00003 (6,400GB)
PM1725a HHHL PCIe NVMe TLC MZPLL1T6HEHP-00003 (1,600GB)
MZPLL3T2HMLS-00003 (3,200GB)
MZPLL6T4HMLS-00003 (6,400GB)
PM1633a 2.5 INCH SAS TLC MZILS480HEGR-00007 (480GB)
MZILS960HEHP-00007 (960GB)
MZILS1T9HEJH-00007 (1,920GB)
MZILS3T8HMLH-00007 (3,840GB)
MZILS7T6HMLS-00007 (7,680GB)
MZILS15THMLS-00007 (15,360GB)


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