Dual Password Security Encrypted USB (PC & MAC compatible) - Integral Crypto Dual

Mon, 18/04/2011

Integral Crypto Dual

Integral's secure and easy to use solution, the Crypto Drive is now available in an enhanced configuration - the Crypto DUAL. Integral Crypto DUAL features Dual Password (User and optional Administrator override) and Dual OS compatibility (PC and Mac). 

Benefits include:

  • The Crypto DUAL has been independently tested for data encryption by the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) committee and validated to FIPS 197
  • Dual Password - An Administrator can set up an optional master password on a drive. A user then sets a user password as normal. A warning is given to the user after the fifth failed password attempt to take the drive to the administrator to unlock the drive by using the master password. The user and master password cannot be the same
  • Dual OS - Works with PCs (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac (OS X) without administrator privileges



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