When I plug in my USB Flash Drive, I get the message “hi-speed device plugged into non-high speed device”. What does it mean?

This means that your PC or laptop has a USB 1.1 port and will not function at the high speed offered by USB 2.0 devices.

This is not a error message and your Integral USB Flash Drive is backwards compatible to work at the slower speeds of USB 1.1. To get the full functionality of the USB 2.0 Flash Drive you will need a PC or laptop with USB 2.0 sockets.

The chart below represents the three tiers of the USB Series:

USB Version / Descriptive Term / Transmission Speed

USB1.0 / Low Speed / 1.5 Mbps
USB1.1 / Full Speed / 12 Mbps
USB2.0 / High Speed / 360 ~ 480 Mbps
USB3.0 / Super Speed / 4.8Gbps