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Why can’t I open the ‘Total Lock’ user manual from the Total Lock interface screen when I click it?

This could be because there is no default pdf file reader installed on your PC/Mac. You will need to download and install a PDF reader to view the manual. There are many free pdf readers available on the internet, such as Adobe Reader. Search for “pdf reader” in any search engine and download and install from a trusted source.

Can I access more than one Integral Crypto USB drive on my system at the same time.

You cannot access more than one Integral Crypto drive at a time on the same system. The encryption engine has been designed only to access one Crypto drive at a time. Using more than one Crypto could cause problems.

The Total Lock user interface does not run on our domain for users. How do I fix this problem?

On a domain many security policies can be set to maintain security on the network. If you are a Network Administrator ensure that you give the following permissions for users to run the TotalLock.exe application:

Registry Keys:

The TotalLock.exe requires modify permissions on the following keys:


The TotalLock.exe requires permissions to execute the “mountvol.exe” program found in the following path:

If you are still experiencing issues running the TotalLock.exe program for your users please fill out the Tech Support form and we can assist in your issue.

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