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Can creating or changing the BIOS password on my system affect my encrypted data?

No. The Crypto SSD is independent of the BIOS and your data will not be affected with credential changes made in the BIOS.

Is my Crypto SSD Compatible with Apple Macs or Linux computers?

No. The Crypto SSD encryption is only compatible with Windows Operating Systems.

On other Operating Systems the Crypto SSD can only be used as a normal SSD without encryption enabled.

How do the Master and User Dual Profiles on the Crypto SSD work?

A Dual Profile secured SSD is an ideal solution for administered network environments. IT network staff can setup a Crypto SSD with a Master profile, to access the Crypto SSD should the user forget their password or lock themselves out of the Crypto SSD due to invalid password attempts.

Dual Profiles can also be used for single users, to have two access points should one credential be forgotten.

Can I install my Crypto SSD as a secondary drive?

Yes. Although it can only be used a secondary drive but encryption cannot be enabled. For encryption to be set the Crypto SSD must be the master drive on your system.

What is Full Disk Encryption (FDE)?

Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is a method for encrypting the entire hard drive to protect your data. This includes the operating system and data FDE works through the controller of the storage device encrypting/decrypting data as it is received back and forth. There are many encryption algorithms used with FDE devices, the most common of which is 128-bit and 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). The Integral Crypto SSD and USB use hardware-based FDE and utilises 256-bit AES to protect your data. SSD and USB Certificates for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 – PCB: 3970 and AES 256 Bit Encryption: 3887 Crypto USB Certificate for FIPS 197 – C1686 (AES 256 Bit) Crypto SSD Certificate for FIPS 197 – C1688 (AES 256 Bit)

Can re-flashing the BIOS affect my encrypted data?

No. The Crypto SSD is independent of the BIOS and your data will not be affected if you were to re-flash or clear the CMOS jumper of your motherboard.

Are there are on-going licence fees to use the Crypto SDD?

Unlike some software solutions, there are no on-going licence or usage fees for the Crypto Hardware Encrypted SSD.

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