Transfer and backup your 4K footage in seconds

UHS-II Memory Cards | Card Reader | Transfer and Backup your 4K Footage in Seconds

Transfer and backup your 4K footage in seconds

Many keen photographers and videographers have switched on to the benefits of UHS-II memory cards. The blistering read/write speeds that are possible with UHS-II cards make them an ideal choice for shooting 4K and even 8K video as well as high resolution RAW and JPEG images in burst mode. This of course creates a lot of data, which can take a long time to transfer to a personal computer for inspection, editing and sending.

A conventional SD Card reader will only have the connector pins necessary for UHS-I SD memory cards. This means that no matter how fast your UHS-II card is, it will not transfer to your PC or Mac any quicker than a UHS-I Card. The new Integral UHS-II USB 3.0 Card Reader is fully compatible with the UHS-II interface, so you won’t have to wait while all your data-heavy video and photo files transfer to your PC.

The reader itself is compact and attractive, with a moulded edge for easy grip and a cap to keep the connector safe and dust-free when not in use. It is a perfect accessory for any photographer’s kit bag.

Find out more and read the full specs of the Integral UHS-II USB 3.0 Card Reader here.


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