KLEVV: A Clever Choice


KLEVV: A Clever Choice

KLEVV CRAS V RGB RAM Modules on colourful background

If you’re a PC Gamer you’ll know you need the best components to get the fastest loading speeds, the best rendering and the smoothest gameplay. Amongst these, sourcing a high spec and reliable DRAM module is paramount to success in your gaming.

With that in mind, Integral Memory partnered with KLEVV to become the exclusive distributor of their Gaming RAM modules within the UK and Europe, aiming to grow the reputation and awareness of the brand and their top-tier memory modules. Having worked closely with KLEVV for over 4 years, Integral have seen the brand launch some of the quickest RAM on the market, easily rivalling modules released by the big name brands.

Who are KLEVV?

Launched in 2014, KLEVV produces a variety of memory products, but specialise in high-end DRAM with extreme overclocking potential.

House brand of Essencore, part of the SK Group (SK C&C), the KLEVV name [pronounced ‘klev] was chosen due to its similarity to the word clever [‘klevə], indicating that their products are a clever choice for their customers due to being technically advanced and available at a relatively low price point.

KLEVV and Essencore Logos

As many gamers and tech-fans will be aware, the SK Group also incorporates the company SK Hynix, who are one of the world’s largest and best-known DRAM IC (internal chip) manufacturers and whose chips are highly sought after due to their tendency towards supercharged overclocking performance. Essencore and the KLEVV brand have drawn on this association and knowledge to create premium quality modules whilst maintaining market competitive pricing.

Driven to “be the essence of everyday life” and “have the creativity to surprise the world”, Essencore invest heavily in research and innovation, aiming to be a leader in semiconductor distribution. Putting this instinct and passion into advancing the KLEVV brand, they chose the slogan “Creative Evolution” to encapsulate the KLEVV ethos. Inspired by the work L’Évolution créatrice by French Philosopher Henri-Louis Bergson, the motto speaks of their dedication to continuous improvement, innovation and creativity, all of which can be seen in their RAM modules both in product design and technical capabilities.

KLEVV CRAS X RGB RAM Module with text and logo "reddot design award winner 2019"
T1 E-sports team

Testament to KLEVV’s outstanding design work are the 4 Red Dot Design Awards for Product Design, including 3 for their CRAS DRAM range (2015, 2019 and 2021). One of the world’s largest design competitions, the Red Dot Label has established itself globally as one of the most coveted markers of excellence for good design.

KLEVV are sponsors of e-sports team T1 (formerly SK Telecom T1). T1’s League of Legends Team won the 2013, 2015 and 2016 World Championships making them the only team to win the Worlds three times.

The Range

Integral’s range of KLEVV RAM modules offer DDR4 and DDR5 technology, keeping up with the latest tech innovations whilst still presenting advanced capabilities for those with older generation PCs. Built by and for enthusiasts, KLEVV modules are expertly assembled to be compatible with motherboards from leading manufacturers, like Asus, MSi, Intel and Acer. The cards are fully QVL tested and approved, as well as being compliant with international safety and environmental policies.

Within KLEVV’s RAM offering there are two main series, CRAS and BOLT. Named by the Latin word for “tomorrow/future”, the CRAS range confirms KLEVV’s conviction towards forward-thinking, new technology and innovation, whilst the BOLT was named to provoke images of lightning bolts and astonishing speeds. Both designed to be sleek, streamline and relatively low profile ensuring compatibility around your rig’s other components.

KLEVV CRAS RX5 RGB RAM Modules in a computer.

KLEVV’s attention to beautiful design feels almost Bauhaus in its aesthetic, where form follows function. Each unit has a thoughtfully designed textured aluminium heatsink which maximises the exterior surface area and helps optimise heat dissipation, whilst providing eye-catching appeal.

Modern and minimalist, BOLT is KLEVV’s ultra-low clearance range where the compact height provides build freedom. With a height of just 34mm, the latest addition to the range the BOLT V, allows ultimate flexibility in configuration. For those who like a bit more flair with their PC components, KLEVV’s CRAS range showcases exquisite RGB light bars for an impressively colourful and immersive gaming experience. Compatible with leading RGB software, the CRAS RGB collection allows synced light flows and colours matched to your unique style.

KLEVV’s focus on design goes far beyond just external looks, ensuring that the internal workings are cutting-edge. Their newest DDR5 releases utilise the latest advancements in DRAM technology including built-in power management and on-board error correction code to ensure long term reliability and enhanced efficiency. The CRAS V RGB provides a breakthrough in RAM performance, delivering data transfer rates of up to 8000MT/s. Aiding those who wish to use KLEVV’s overclocking potential, their CRAS and BOLT modules are programmed with Intel XMP profiles, whilst their newest DDR5 cards also offer AMD EXPO support, both enabling overclocking in a single click.

Always looking to the future, Essencore and KLEVV are pushing the boundaries of DRAM speeds and are set to continue bringing amazing overclock capabilities to your computer, enhancing the gaming experience.