Get the Edge on Handheld Gaming

Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck Memory Cards

Get the Edge on Handheld Gaming

For those of you who own a handheld gaming console, you may well know the pain of running out of storage space. When memory size is being sacrificed in favour of portability, some of the internal storage is going to the system and set-up files, and with games, downloadable content, screenshots, and videos having larger and larger files sizes, it’s all too evident that the paltry storage capacity provided with the console itself is not enough.

Nintendo’s leading Switch and Switch Lite consoles offer a relatively tiny 32GB of internal memory, and whilst those lucky enough to own the OLED model receive twice the storage capacity (64GB) it still doesn’t cut the mustard for today’s gamer on-the-go. Valve have offered a more comprehensive range of storage options with the Steam Deck (up to 512GB); however the entry level console only matches the Nintendo Switch OLED at 64GB of capacity.


Recognising this as a potential problem to major success, thankfully both Nintendo and Valve allow storage expansion through a MicroSD card , which has saved many a gamer from the brink.


What to Look for

Compatibility: Both the Nintendo Switch and Valve Steam Deck are compatible with MicroSD, MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC cards.

However, as an average game for the Switch is 10GB and those for the Steam Deck tend to be even larger, you’d be best placed only looking at MicroSDXC cards with capacities from 64GB to 2TB.

Integral Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck Memory Cards Compatibility
Gamers Edge Nintendo Switch Memory Card Game Size
Gamers Edge Steam Deck Memory Card Game Size

Bus Interface: Both the Switch and Steam Deck require a UHS-I MicroSD. This is marked on the front of the card as the roman numeral

Micro SD Card Form Factor
Gamers Edge 64GB Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck Memory Card

Speed: Nintendo recommend a transfer speed 60 – 95MB/s. But also state “the higher the transfer speed, the better gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch”.


Valve don’t recommend a minimum speed for their cards, but by choosing a MicroSD with high read/write speeds you can ensure faster loading, smoother rendering and a reliable gaming experience. 

Performance You Can Trust: As with any product, look for one that will last. Resistance to temperature fluctuations, being dropped and other accidents is a must. Choose a card with a warranty behind it and with free customer support should any issues arise.

Gamers Edge

Built for gaming, the Integral Gamer’s Edge MicroSD has been developed to provide the same experience as if playing from your console’s internal memory. With storage options from 64GB to 1TB, there is an option for every gamer, from the occasional screenshot-er to the prolific downloader.


All Gamer’s Edge MicroSD cards offer at least 100MB/s read speeds so exceed Nintendo’s minimum recommendations, whilst the 1TB version offers a blistering 180MB/s read and 150MB/s write speed, allowing you to load faster and experience the full potential of your handheld games console.

Reliable and durable, it is resistant to temperature extremes, water resistant, shock proof and X-ray proof. Complete with a 5 year warranty and UK based free customer support should anything go wrong.

With our MicroSD memory cards backed by over 33,000 5* customer reviews on Amazon and receiving several blogger recommendations for use with the Nintendo Switch, including Mybest and Eurogamer, you know your gaming is supported with Integral.