Are your memory cards truly future proof?

Article featured image - Are your memory cards truly future proof

Are your memory cards truly future proof?

As more and more classifications for memory cards are released, it can be confusing to know exactly what your card is actually capable of. Video Speed Class classifications range from V6 up to V90 – but what does this mean?

When it comes to Video Speed Class classifications, the number indicates the Minimum Sequential Write Speed of the card– so a V10 card can write at a sustained 10 MB/sec, while a V90 card will write at a sustained 90 MB/s. While a V10 card will happily handle shooting Full HD video at 60 frames-per-second (fps), it may begin to struggle when shooting 4K video at the same frame rate. Meanwhile a V90 card shouldn’t have any trouble shooting 4K or even 8K video at 120 fps.

To clarify the capabilities of Video Speed Class SD and microSD formats, the SD Asociation has published these handy charts:

Write Speed
Speed Classes Corresponding Video Format
Speed Class
The necessary speed varies by each recording/playback
device condition, even in the same format. The expanded
ranges below are possible based on the device capabilities
(better resolution possible even at lower speeds).
90 MB/sec V90 8K Video
60 MB/sec V60 4K Video
30 MB/sec U3 V30 Full HD / HD Video
10 MB/sec Class 10 U1 V10 Standard Video
6 MB/sec Class 6 V6
4 MB/sec Class 4
2 MB/sec Class 2

The majority of Video Speed Class cards currently on the market only meet V30 or lower specifications. However, as you can see above, V60 and V90 cards are the best way to ensure that your memory will be future proof as 4K and 8K devices become more prevalent. These cards are also guaranteed to offer best performance in current tech, so investing in this high speed memory will pay off immediately and for years to come.

To ensure customers will get long-term usage out of their memory, Integral Video Speed Class cards start at V60 specification. To prepare yourself for an 8K future, have a look at our V60 SDHC/XC and V90 SDHC/XC cards today.