5 advantages of adding more RAM to your computer

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5 advantages of adding more RAM to your computer

No one likes a slow computer, or even worse, one that constantly crashes when you’re trying to use your favourite video editing software. But before you take the plunge and splash out on an expensive new piece of kit, there may be a far more cost-effective way to speed things up.

It could simply be that you don’t have enough Random Access Memory (RAM) – the memory your computer relies on to run all of your applications and open documents. When you open big files, such as Photoshop, or long videos of your holidays, that uses up a lot of RAM – and there isn’t enough left to smoothly run everything.

Luckily, adding more RAM is affordable and straightforward, and comes with a range of benefits that will leave you wondering why you didn’t try it sooner.
Just talking about the benefits should start to ease some of your frustrations. So without further ado, let’s look at 5 advantages of adding more RAM to your computer.

A++_Module_4_B07YBMV3PS1. Stress-free video editing
If you’re one of the many millions uploading content to YouTube regularly, you’ll have noticed that video editing can really slow your PC down. Video files are becoming bigger and bigger, and even short clips can quickly grind things to a halt. What’s more, your system has to perform a juggling act by keeping all your source files open, track changes and run your video editing program. All in all, these activities are eating up large amounts of RAM – so adding extra means you can focus on editing your latest creations.

A++_Module_3_B07YBMV3PS2. Multitasking
Are you someone who has to keep closing down a seamlessly never-ending number of windows? Many of us are working remotely more, which means we’re often having to juggle direct messaging, emails, video conferencing, web browsing and more – all from the same device. By adding more RAM, you no longer have to feel like a snail trying to find its way out of a maze. Instead, you’ll be able to switch effortlessly between windows, without crashing your computer.

3. Game on
With VR gaming starting to take off, and gaming becoming more hyper-realistic every day, PCs and laptops need more than the latest graphics cards to keep up with the demand. And if you thought buying a gaming PC was the only way forward, you might want to reconsider. Even budget PCs can manage some of the recent advances in gaming with a RAM boost.

4. Lightning-fast browsing
It doesn’t just take super fast internet speeds and a powerful CPU to handle the mammoth amount of browser tabs many of us have open at once. Today’s websites are full of images, videos and popups that command we’re fully equipped from every angle. Having enough RAM ensures your browsers don’t slow down to a crawl, so you can seamlessly switch from applications in an instant.

5. Print effortlessly
Just as no one likes watching paint dry, watching your latest family photos slowly emerge your printer is not much fun either. But what many don’t realise is that RAM can have a significant impact on the speed of your printing – particularly if you’re printing large files. By adding more memory, your computer can handle buffering print data that much easier – allowing you to print hi-res images, without falling asleep.

To summarise
There are many circumstances where upgrading your RAM will speed things up. Even cheap laptops can benefit from the extra memory. Depending on what you’re looking to gain from your computer or laptop, adding more memory can speed up multitasking, gaming, browsing, printing and more.

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